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Welcome to SJB!!

Principal’s Message November 19, 2020

Hello Families,

If you are doing Christmas shopping on Amazon over the Thanksgiving break, don’t forget to use AmazonSmile that is associated with our Parish, St. Francis of Assisi.  During the quarter from July to September, over $85 was deposited into our account just by people shopping on Amazon!  Thank you to those who are already linked to AmazonSmile!  Don’t forget also, that SCRIP cards can be great gifts for people during the holidays--everyone is driving and buying groceries.  Plus, this is a good time to start getting into the habit of buying SCRIP on a regular basis--and you can receive tuition credits!  Thank you for sending Church envelopes in with your children for children’s Mass.


Bishop Hying shared a new initiative with Parishes and Schools this past spring.  It is called, “Go Make Disciples.”  I am not sure where other schools in the Diocese are with this initiative with the pandemic all around us, but I am proud of our staff in that they have been on board from the get-go.  We spend time once a month in a full staff meeting discussing and praying about the monthly topic from the Bishop, and then continue the discussion in our small PLC groups.   This month’s topic is “Baptism and Confirmation.”  We want to “celebrate” the date of our students’ baptisms, just like we would with birthdays.  We will check our parish records, but if you can help in locating this information, we would appreciate it.  Send it with your child, or email it to Mrs. Gibson or me.  Plans are also in the works to recognize our SJB graduates upon their Confirmation.  


We are so fortunate to make it to Thanksgiving and without missing a day of school due to COVID.  Many families may have had someone get sick, but we have avoided multiple cases in the school.  Now we have 9 days off.  Please continue to do whatever you have been doing--staying close to home, washing hands, wearing a mask in public.  I have said it before that our staff is so thankful for the opportunity to teach your children everyday!  


We wish you all a very restful and healthy Thanksgiving!  Remember to give Thanks for the One who has given us so many blessings!


Mr. Bare

“It’s a GREAT DAY to be a KNIGHT!