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St. John the Baptist Catholic School Mission Statement
Inspired by St. John the Baptist and St. Francis of Assisi,
St. John the Baptist School is a GREAT place to be: 
                                            Safe and caring school family;
                                            Teaching the Good News of Jesus;
                                            Jesus holds our hands and guides us on our way;
                                            Our students attain academic excellence;
                                            Holy and Joyfully Catholic;
                                            Nurturing spiritual and social development;
                                            Serving Christ by serving others.
 St. John the Baptist School in Jefferson has been educating the youth of Jefferson and the surrounding area in the Catholic Faith since the 1870s.
Nearly 3000 SJB graduates have enriched the families and communities in which they live.



What makes St. John’s special?  

I believe the thing that makes our school special is that everything we do is grounded in our Catholic faith.  When you enter our school, you see symbols of our faith on the walls, in the classrooms, and in the children’s work.  Our principal, Mr. Bare, leads us in prayer first thing every morning.   We pray together in our classrooms several times a day.  We gather as a school for Mass each week, with classes taking turns at doing the readings, singing, and leading us.  Students have the opportunity to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation and pray in Adoration during the school day.  We come together to celebrate the liturgical seasons and feast days.

Yes, students have Religion class, but beyond that, teachers try to incorporate elements of our faith in all subject areas.  Students learn to serve others by participating in all-school service projects, such as raking lawns, making prayer bouquets for parishioners, donating to the food pantry, and visiting the residents at St. Coletta.

Our mission, as a Catholic School, is to assist parents with the important job of helping their children get to heaven.  That is a big job in today’s world.  We are committed to doing our best to support all our students and families in that effort.

All that said, you may not be aware that approximately 1 out of 5 students in our school are non-Catholic.  We welcome and accept any family looking for an excellent Christian education.

-By Mrs. Aumann, a SJB alumni